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What are the factors to choose their own engraving machine need?


What are the factors to choose their own engraving machine need?

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Engraving machine brand on the market, such as stars, engraving machine purchase program uncompromising. How to choose a suitable engraving machine engraving machine it any one can not meet all custom

  Engraving machine brand on the market, such as stars, engraving machine purchase program uncompromising. How to choose a suitable engraving machine engraving machine it any one can not meet all customer needs , select carving confidential consider the following:? To follow the development of the industry , to meet their processing needs and characteristics of their own development direction needed to meet the company's current situation, to meet the needs of corporate customers ; the different needs of different development directions and different status of the company should choose a different engraving machine .
  To conform to the development of the industry: the scale,  diversification is the development direction carving production industry.
  Scale requires engraving machine must have the following features : a base operating system; only convenient operation engraving machine can meet the needs of large-scale production in order to allow one person to operate several engraving machine possible; only one person can operate several engraving machine to reflect the advantages of scale; and convenient operating system is mainly reflected in the following: automatic tool , automatic tool change, real-time monitoring, breakpoint memory and so on.
Superior stability and superior cooling performance : no super working time stability and excellent cooling performance of the device can not be guaranteed, the same can not reflect the advantages of large-scale production; superior stability depends mainly on the selection  element,  performance of electrical parts, engraving machine manufacturers if using imported components, whether independent R & D capability has become critical.  
  Sustainable Upgrade: Updates convenient engraving machine needs is another large-scale production; not sustainable upgrade ability gives you the opportunity to keep carving massive investment; the key is sustainable engraving machine manufacturers to upgrade is whether a more comprehensive R & D capability.
  Diversification requires engraving machine has the following features: sustainable upgrade; engraving machine according to customer demand for the development needs of constantly upgrading, engraving machine manufacturer whether the overall R & D capability has become critical; engraving machine manufacturers whether the R & D Professional Series engraving machine It has become crucial.
  To meet their processing characteristics, to meet the development status of the company; each sculpture  production company must be based on the company's strength, the company processing characteristics choose different sizes, different specifications engraving machine; for example,  in large format engraving based enterprises must choose 1.2H machine capital strength is not strong corporate must choose a relatively cost-effective machines.
  To meet the needs of corporate customers, corporate customers demand mainly in the following areas: quality carving;  engraving quality depends on the accuracy of engraving, design software functionality and excellent post-processing technology; to ensure the accuracy of engraving engraving machine must imported motor, ball screw, rail; to be able to apply good design software must have a strong software compatibility; to have excellent after processing requires processing technology training after the manufacturer or distributor can provide.
  Time delivery guarantee: Guarantee delivery time depends on the speed of service quality engraving machine, engraving machine;  engraving machine speed depends largely on whether the engraving machine has the following functions: engraving speed and idling speed separation, arc command and segmentation,  automatic Nest, tool options.
  Engraving machine depends on the quality of service the following: whether the supplier has a sound service system, whether it has a good aftermarket parts supply, the availability of highly qualified technical engineers , whether it has an excellent service concept; whether manufacturers have strong strength,  whether in development, production, sales and service aspects of the sustainable development of engraving equipment.

  Prices depend on the production of sculpture carved costs,  the cost of engraving engraving  machine performance related to the following areas : whether it has to adapt to large-scale production capacity, whether it has excellent performance and stability, whether it is conducive to work long hours and so on;  hope to be able to help you allowing you to buy a bed of roses engraving machine!