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Daily Care and Maintenance woodworking engraving machine


Daily Care and Maintenance woodworking engraving machine

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Woodworking engraving machine is a precision CNC equipment, life and accuracy is critical necessary daily care and maintenance of this machine. Perform the following maintenance and maintenance ...

  Woodworking engraving machine is a precision CNC equipment , life and accuracy is critical necessary daily care and maintenance of this machine. Perform the following maintenance and maintenance requirements.
  First, the continuous running time 10 hours a day or less, and ensure the normal operation  of the cooling water pump and clean, the  water can not appear spindle motor water shortages, regular replacement of cooling water to prevent the water temperature is too high.  Winter temperature is too low if the work  environment can be put into the water inside the tank antifreeze.
  Second, each time the machine after use, pay attention to cleaning,  be sure to dust on the platform and drive clean, regular (weekly) on the transmission system (X, Y, Z-axis) lubrication refueling. (Note: X, Y, Z-axis light rod with oil maintenance;  screw speed section plus butter ;  winter temperature is too low if the work environment screw, rod (square or circular guide rail) portion should be rinsed clean with gasoline  , then add the oil,  otherwise it will cause too much resistance machine transmission parts dislocation caused by the machine.)
  Third, the electrical maintenance check is that we must cut off the power  supply when the monitor   has no display and the main circuit power indicator goes out before proceeding.  
  Modify engraving machine parameters (Weihong system): Manufacturer parameter  modification  ,  (enter password: NCSTUDIO click "OK") Table travel :( The machine model) System parameters: default and then on the basis of the first four They are selected .
Motor parameters: If the lead is 10 if the lead is five jump frequency:
  Z axis Maximum speed:
  Axis acceleration:
  Acceleration curve:
  Maintenance: engraving machine is not working properly,  it may be a problem with its internal components or other reasons, the following recurring problems a rough introduction.  
  (1) there is a three-axis shaft can not move, this time to check whether the corresponding axis corresponding to the drive block corruption. Inspection methods may be used to replace method: fixed axis corresponding aviation unplug other active shaft inserted in the corresponding drive on. 
  (2) If the exchange does not move normally shaft, the shaft can be explained by the corresponding drive block is corrupt,  you need a good replacement drive block. If you do not or not it shows the drive shaft or motor cable is faulty Replace cable or motor.   Triaxial not move. In this case check whether triaxial aviation plugs and control box connected, the control box is turned on. Whether the data cable and the control box and computer host controller card connected. If the above are OK, please contact the factory.
  (3) the spindle can not operate normally. First, check the error code LED display shows  the drive (see the drive specification error code entry) , below to YIXING drive as an example.  
  YIXING series inverter common fault and processing (1.5 kilowatts) Error code : DL Output  short circuit Check motor cable is short-circuited and the load is too OL1OL2 exclude motor stall stall phenomenon reduced load LU under voltage input Check input power voltage  is abnormal overheating OH load too damaged to reduce the load of the cooling fan replace the fan (Note: when the inverter displays DL invalid Please power down the reset button  to restart the drive troubleshooting) TALENT series inverter common fault and processing (2.2 kilowatts) Error code: EOCD output short circuit check motor and cable are short-circuited EOU input voltage too high check voltage output circuit EOCN phase short circuit or ground short circuit inspection line and motor ELU on the same power system, if there is a large load starting current load TL rewiring avoid external interference control line with the strong electric routed separately spindle.
  Motor Troubleshooting and Handling:
  Check the motor hot water circulation pump is working properly boring motor Check motor cable is missing if the motor phase cables short circuit the motor is abnormal sound inside the motor overload fault (please contact the manufacturer) motor reversal Check motor cable  is phase output UVW terminal ends of any exchange fault analysis and troubleshooting  
  (A) failure alarm overtravel alarm, indicating the machine during operation limit has been reached for the location, follow these steps to check
  1, the designed pattern size is beyond the range of processing
  2. Check the motor shaft and screw machine cable is loose, if it is, please tighten the screws
  3, the machine and the computer is properly grounded 4, the current soft limit coordinate value exceeds the range of values (B) overtravel alarm and releasing overtravel, all axes are automatically set in motion to move the state, restore the connection at any time as long as holding the manual movement of the arrow keys when the machine left limit position (ie, point out overtravel switch) Note that when the state of the movable table moving direction, must stay away from extreme positions required software limit alarm can be cleared in the XYZ coordinate settings
  (Iii) non-alarm fault
  1, repeated precision is not enough, according to Article 1, paragraph inspection
  2, the computer is running, the machine does not move, check the card and the computer-controlled electrical box connector is loose, if it is, seated, and tighten the set screws
  3, the machine can not find the signal when the return to mechanical origin, in accordance with article 2 Check mechanical origin proximity switch failure  
  (D) Output Fault
  1. Do not output, check the computer and the control box is connected well
  2. Open the carving Manager settings where space is full, with the deletion of files without manager
  3. The signal line wiring is loose, carefully check the line connection
  (V) failure carving
  1, the area for loose screws
  2. Check whether the correct path to deal with their own
  3. if the file is too big ten million computer processing error
  4. changes in spindle speed to suit different materials (typically 5, loosen the knife chuck, clamping the knife turn directions, the knife being put, in order to avoid the object is not smooth carving 6. Check whether the tool detrimental, for a new knife, carving again.